Field Trips

There are still a few places available for the excursions. If you are already registered and want to add an excursion to your booking, please contact via GeoBonn2018(at) We will be happy to book the excursion for you!

Please note:

Your field trip booking shall only be valid if both your conference and your excursion fee have been paid into the conference account in full.

If you are interested in taking part in a field trip that already is fully booked, please contact the conference secretary in order to get on the waiting list.

In case that you have to cancel your participation in a field trip, please let the conference secretary know at the soonest. There may be other conference delegates on the waiting list for this field trip.

If we have to cancel a field trip because there are too few participants, we will inform you per e-mail ASAP, and the excursion fee will be refunded fully. Reimbursements etc. will be handled on site in Bonn at the registration desk in cash. However, please note that no reimbursement can be given for cancellations later than Wednesday, 16 May 2018, because at this time, we already have booked the busses, etc.


Field Trip 1 cancelled: Carboniferous in the southern Ruhrgebiet

Excursion guides: Dr. Gösta Hoffmann, Steinmann-Institut Uni Bonn | Dr. Volker Wrede, GeoPark Ruhrgebiet e.V.


Field Trip 2: Rodderberg and Drachenfels: Classical geology and new challenges on either side of the Rhine

Excursion guides:

Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Froitzheim, Steinmann-Institut Uni Bonn

Mathias Knaak, Geologischer Dienst NRW

Prof. Dr. Roland Strauß, Geologischer Dienst NRW

Marco Wolf, BGR Hannover

Dr. Thomas Burschil (LIAG Hannover)


Date: Sunday, 2.9.2018; departure at 9 h in Bonn, arrival at 17 h in Bonn

Price: € 50

  • Maximum number of participants: 32, Minimum number of participants: 10
  • Requirements: Outdoor shoes; the excursion comprises some hiking along easy paths. Ascent of Drachenfels covers about 200 m altitude difference (alternative: Drachenfels cog railway).

Start & end: Meeting point is the bus stop. It is not directly at the university main building, but the bus parking lot at the corner "Am Hofgarten"/"Adenauerallee"! (near “Kunstmuseum”). See map!


Morning: Pleistocene ash- and scoria ring of the Rodderberg Volcano - Outcrops and presentation of scientic drilling results.

The Rodderberg volcano comprises a sediment-filled crater depression of 800 m diameter, surrounded by a low ash and scoria ring and carved into the Devonian basement. Volcanic rocks are nicely exposed at the surface but their volume appears to be minor. During scientific drilling by LIAG (Hannover) in 2011, 72 m of sediment fill were found under the crater centre, underlain by ash and scoria beds transitional into massive foidite to basanite lava down to a depth of 164 m where drilling stopped. Preliminary results from the sediment fill suggest that it comprises several glacial-interglacial cycles, in line with a published 321+-37 ka thermoluminescence age of the ejecta.


Afternoon: Geology and extensive rock securing measures at the Drachenfels, Siebengebirge.

The excursion will cover a range of topics including the geology of the Teriary volcanic rocks at the Drachenfels with its beautiful sanidine phenocrysts, the ancient quarry workings and the use of the rock as building material for important buildings such as the Dom in Cologne, and the ongoing problems with rock failure and cliff collapses and the resulting securing measures. At present the entire rock cliff is covered with scaffolding, and, thus, it is possible to reach any point along the cliff for detailed studies (depending on work progress the scaffolding might be removed by August – but this does not effect the excursion).  The present work comprised 3D capturing of the cliff utilizing tLIDAR and drones to establish the fracture network, drill holes and tele viewer analysis to complement the fracture network analysis from inside the cliff, and numerous geotechnical securing methods.


[Figure: Overview of the remediation work at Drachenfels; Picture rights: Bezirksregierung Köln]


[Figure: Rodderberg Crater on the Rhine]


Field Trip 3: Braunkohlentagebau und -Kraftwerk

Meeting Point --> BITTE LESEN / PLEASE NOTE: Bitte beachten Sie unbedingt, dass der Treffpunt bzw. Bushaltepunkt nicht am Universitäts-Hauptgebäude ist, sondern vor dem Steinmann-Institut, Geologie, Nussallee 8, 53115 Bonn-Poppelsdorf ist (nahe dem Poppelsdorfer Schloß). / Please note that the meeting point / bus stop is not at the university main building but in front of the Steinmann Institute, Geology, Nussallee 8, 53115 Bonn-Poppelsdorf (close to Poppelsdorfer Castle).

Excursion guides:

PD Dr. Klaus-Dieter Grevel, Uni Jena

Dr. Georg Heumann; Uni Bonn


Date: Friday, 7.9.2018; departure at 7 h in Bonn, arrival approx. 17 h in Bonn

Price: € 45

  • Max. number of participants: 23; Minimum number of participants: 15
  • Requirements: Outdoor shoes; Not suitable for people with pacemakers and implants with metal.
  • Lunch at the canteen of Kraftwerk Neurath included!




Field Trip 4: Reefs, Romans and Volcanoes - Excursion to the Geology and Palaeontology of the Eifel

Excursion guides:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Litt; Uni Bonn

Prof. Dr. Jes Rust; Uni Bonn


Date: Friday, 7.9.2018; departure at 9 h in Bonn, arrival approx. 18 h in Bonn

Price: € 40

  • Max. number of participants: 25; Minimum number of participants: 15
  • Requirements: Outdoor shoes; you don't have to be particularly fit.
  • Lunch is not included but possible. Extra stop for lunch is scheduled.

Start & end: Meeting point is the bus stop. It is not directly at the university main building, but the bus parking lot at the corner "Am Hofgarten"/"Adenauerallee"! (near “Kunstmuseum”). See map!




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